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hi, i'm holly. i live in pennsylvania, and i am a real life fairy.

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my man companion took this picture this morning at a coffee shop and i really really love it.
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this is actually perfect.
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Jardín botánico (Rennes, Francia)
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i’ve always been terrified of falling.
losing sense of motion
feeling no chance of recovery
air rushing past you but somehow suffocating from being unable to breathe
heart stopping for fear of what comes next.
seconds seem to go by faster as the ground starts to get so much bigger.
you grab for something
that one last hope.
falling for someone is the most gut-wrenching fall you can take,
tripping over their words
stumbling down.
scared because you can’t see how close you are to the end of the fall
knowing that the ground could appear at any time
the longer you fall, the farther the distance, and the harder you hit,
the harder you hit, the more you shatter into bits.
i fell for you.
heart stopped
aimlessly drowning in midair.
then you said it
you were falling for me too.
it gave me something
to grab onto.
and i knew your heart hadn’t stopped
i could feel it beating faster.
it’s not as scary to fall
when there’s someone falling next to you.

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what a lovely day.~
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☆ bambi/indie blog ☆

i like big, bearded men who already know what their lives are about.

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